Your Brain: Servant or Master?

Our brain serves us best when it acts as an informative witness of ours and others actions, reactions, and emotions.  A sharp, discerning mind fully present provides the necessary self-awareness and is the foundation of emotional intelligence.  Dancing in the moment with life demands surrender to that moment--not just our thoughts, but to our spirit, emotion, and intuition. This full presence helps us make better choices because we literally have more information when we are congruent and aligned in our head, heart, and core. Our integrity shines through our actions.   

Our opportunity to be whole rest in our ability to let go of past and future, drop biases and perspectives, and live in the moment with pureness, grace, surrender and joy.  Can you accept and embrace this moment, and know in your heart that it is exactly where you are meant to be? 

Is your mind your servant or your master? 

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