Horse Wisdom: What is Your Echo?  

My horse’s name is Echo, which I have found to be incredibly prophetic.  Spending time with Echo brings me the clarity, connection and conviction I need to be an effective leader.  

Leaders need to bring clarity to their goals, connect with their teams, and develop conviction to overcome obstacles to achieve success. We can only do this when we take the time to nurture it in ourselves.  There are no shortcuts. In this high-tech, fast moving world, I have yet to see a more efficient teacher of self-awareness, connection, and leadership than my four-legged professor grazing in the pasture. 

This fall, I invite you to take some time to “learn and be” vs. “push and do.” Find the people, places and things that bring you back to who you are.  Nurture and appreciate life’s gifts that reflect the true nature of your heart and soul, body and spirit. When you have clarity, connection, and conviction for yourself, you can bring it to your team, allowing your echo to inspire their highest possible achievement.

I wish for you an Echo of your own.