Compassion and Kindness

Recently I have been helping out at the barn where I board my horse Echo. . More correctly, I have been trying to help. The ladies who work there have the patience of saints teaching me how to do the most menial work-mucking out stalls, watering, sweeping, and bringing horses in. It is most humbling. To catch and hold 3 horses in halters to bring them in with 5 more pushing at the gate in a swarm of mosquitos--then putting them in their stalls 1 at a time-- is a lesson in courage, concentration, coordination, and holding your ground.

Everyone has been incredibly patient and compassionate.

Echo, too is always so patient and wants to please so much-, and I make it so hard for him sometimes.

The lesson for today is to be kind and compassionate always.

What Can You Expect From an Executive Coach?

What can you expect from coaching? Pragmatic ways to jump-start your potential! Individuals and teams we coach are grateful to gain valuable insights, tap strengths they didn't know they had, and learn about tools they may have never even heard of. They also appreciate having an objective sounding board. Topics include dealing with stress, managing multiple priorities, confidently handling difficult conversations, and even--especially--achieving your dreams! Executives and individuals at all levels of organizations and in all walks of life tell me they like the efficient way we get to results they seek.

A coach can help you…

- Get clear about your goals and expectations.

- Challenge your limiting thoughts and any lack of confidence

- Become engaged and motivated

- Achieve your potential and plan your career development

- Solve problems with employees and co-workers. Even bosses!

Based on a client's needs, and often with information from a leadership assessment tool or 360 feedback, we decide if work with horses will help build specific leadership skills. When we partner with horses my clients learn emotional intelligence and relational skills faster and better than anything else I have seen in my 25+ years of experience. I invite you to try it and see for yourself.

Want to jump start your potential, or maybe just do one thing better as a leader? Could you team benefit from some "out of the box", FUN teambuilding? Contact us today for a free consultation!