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Our unique approach offers instantly useful skills combined with pivotal opportunities for personal growth and more authentic, impactful leadership.  

  • Faster and better connections with teams

  • Increased confidence and synchronicity leading change

  • Smoother conflict resolution that builds trust and respect

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About Cindy

Cindy Warner, MSHR, is an inspiring leader and accomplished executive coach who has led global talent management and leadership development programs, built global teams, and coached hundreds of  executives, and high potential leaders. With expertise in needs assessment and learning design, Cindy combines instantly useful skills with pivotal opportunities for personal growth. Today, she brings her lifelong love of horses into her coaching practice, frequently partnering with horses for powerful, transformational experiential learning.  Cindy is the only person in Wisconsin combining International Coaching Federation practices with  Equine Assisted Coaching through the only program in the world bringing "horse wisdom" to executive coaching. Cindy is certified in instructional design, several leadership assessment tools, and multiple leadership programs.   


 "I have been working with Cindy for the past 2 months. I find her to be generous, thoughtful, intuitive and practical at the same time. I've been getting what I ask for at every single session. Cindy is a great listener and helps me make connections where I cannot see them. She is terrific at self managing but does not shy away from sharing her experience when appropriate." 

--Sr. Executive, McKinsey & Company

 Want more information?  Email: or call (USA): 414-491-4204

 Want more information? 


or call (USA): 414-491-4204