Ignite Your Potential!

Build and Integrate Clarity, Connection and Courage

In these times of relentless change and globalization, leaders need to provide both direction and inspiration, empowering others while driving accountability and change.  

We combine skill building with personal growth to remove barriers, build emotional intelligence and synergize teams.  Our proven results are faster, more effective, and more fun than traditional executive coaching or leadership training. 


“Cindy Warner is quite literally THE spark to ignite your potential. I brought Cindy out to the Washington DC area for the Unbridle Your Potential Workshop and invited some of my most important clients, and wow, this workshop was nothing short of a miracle! In less than 5 hours, Cindy’s expert coaching (with the help of the horses) led to breakthroughs for every single person who attended! Cindy embodies the work so beautifully because she has clearly unbridled her potential! I am grateful to have had this experience with her and look forward to the next workshop!“

Carissa Miller, Regional Vice President


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"Working with you was life-changing in all the best possible ways! Thank you!!" 

--Marketing Executive, McKinsey and Co.


 "I am delighted with the progress I am making!  Cindy is exceptional and clearly loves her work. Building leadership is her gift and her passion. I recommend Cindy Warner to anyone seeking more self-awareness, confidence, and leadership development."--Valerie Graczyk, Business Owner

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