Horse Wisdom: Getting Back on Track

Recently I was working with Echo on a new exercise. I made sure he understood and could do what I wanted from him, yet I continued to get a sloppy response when I asked for execution. Finally, exasperated and out of patience, I decided to take a short break and then try one more time. After a brief gallop and good laugh to let off some steam, we came back to work. With intense focused concentration I asked Echo to do the exercise. He did it perfectly, without missing a beat.  

Leadership requires focused intention and clear communication about specific results we need.  It also requires adaptability and intuition to recognize the need for a break every now and then. Managing our energy appropriately brings the intensity and focus on the task to everyone around us.      

The next time your team is not executing as expected, consider “dropping the rope” for a short time.  Taking a moment to refresh and refocus might be the ticket to help you get back on track.



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