5 Ways Coaching with Horses Builds Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Why are more organizations making equine assisted coaching part of their leadership development curriculum? Because it builds emotional intelligence! Here are 5 benefits you can expect from equine assisted coaching.      

  1. Jump-started self-awareness. Immediate, objective, non-judgemental feedback from horses makes us aware of our energy, emotion, and intention. These four- legged authenticity meters have proven to act as amazing, visible “tuning forks” for self-awareness.

  2.  More Presence and Confidence Non-verbal communication, body language, and intuitiveness are required and revealed through our interactions with horses, and we can practice how to align emotion, logic and energy for more powerful, authentic, and inspirational messaging.       

  3. Higher heart connection capability.  Studies prove that our heart energy emanates several feet from us and affects others. Unlike ropes and challenges or other teambuilding events, horses bring powerful positive heart energy to our own hearts.  We learn on a biophysical, neurological level how to connect and engage with others.

  4. Increased mindfulness.  By demanding that we are in the moment, engaging with horses helps us practice focus and teaches us to respond fully to what is happening now.

  5.  Unforgettable and transferable relationship learnng. The relational skills we learn build new neuropathways in our entire body, making the learning indelible and lasting.  How many coaching sessions and teambuilding experiences do you remember that have truly changed your life? 

Plus, it’s FUN!

Do you want to find your leadership strengths and build your emotional intelligence in a fun, engaging way? Do you seek to inspire, engage, and motivate your team? Try coaching with the help of horses for an unforgettable experience that reveals your talents in leadership-and in life.    

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