Horse Wisdom: Surrender

Horses teach us acceptance in the deepest sense. They embody Surrender.

There is both relief and challenge in surrender to life.  It is not submissive or giving up.  It is simply having patience, faith and trust in whatever comes before us, and the commitment to make it better, whatever it is.  Recognizing that we never had control—we just tried to take it.  To surrender to what life will put next for us is an act of humility, confidence, and grace.  

When we surrender we can open ourselves to new ways of being and seeing the world without the  encumbrances of expectation or control.  With this clarity it is incredible how much more effective we can be responding to what is before us.  

Surrender. The word makes me exhale, lets my shoulders down.  

Start with moments at first-pieces at a time. If we can learn to live in surrender, we can live with great peace and equanimity. Kindness and softness, grace and wonder.  

So it begins with an oxymoron-to strive for surrender.