Horse Wisdom: Executive Presence

Recently I coached Ben, a young man who had all the leadership knowledge he needed.  Ben’s development goal was to exude confidence when he worked with senior leaders.  This meant not only saying the right words but having the executive presence to hold their attention with power and conviction. He had invested in presentation skills classes, Toastmasters, and other development activities.

Horses follow leaders that provide compassion, safety, and confidence.  To lead a horse requires a being who exudes confident, focused attention. Ben was a good candidate for equine assisted coaching because a horse would only follow him if he demonstrated the very things he sought to learn.

Ben’s equine assisted coaching session was incredibly efficient and effective.  He walked away from his session knowing in his entire being how to be someone others would listen to and follow.  With the help of horses, Ben built the neuropathways in his entire body to lead with power and presence, and he could recall and repeat it easily. It was a remarkable, life-changing, and economical session that set Ben on a course of leadership he could never have imagined.

What is the key to unlock your potential?  Let a horse help you find it in an efficient, transformational, unforgettable way.