Increasing Leadership Development ROI

Over 90 percent of CEOs are planning to increase investment in leadership development because they see it as the single most important human-capital issue their organizations face. Businesses in the United States spend close to $170 billion on leadership training each year. Yet, after training is complete, only 15 percent of the skills taught are applied on the job. That means American businesses waste more than $144 billion dollars annually on leadership training that doesn’t stick.  

How does your leadership development program stack up? Do your leaders learn and use their new skills? When it comes to self-awareness, communication, influencing, and learning agility, do your leaders learn and retain the knowledge you provide?   

We know that experiential learning improves learning retention and increases the chance of behavior change back on the job. There is a new experiential learning approach gaining momentum, with a coach scientifically proven to teach leadership in real time, with immediate, clear feedback, while the participants have fun. This coach gives leaders higher self-awareness, teaches them how to build trust quickly, handle conflict confidently, make better decisions.…and more. Furthermore, this coach is extremely flexible and efficient, teaching exactly what needs to be learned as quickly as possible. As soon the learning is applied, the participant sees the positive results. Participants can literally fine-tune and practice their new skills with immediate, irrefutable feedback on their success. This coach is fast, effective, and fun-and what participants learn impacts job performance immediately. Clients who working with this coach have described the experience as "life changing" and "transformational."    

Would you like to meet this coach?  

He is munching hay in a field near you. To get off on the right foot, bring him an apple. 

Horses are biologically programmed and scientifically proven to build self-awareness, communication, influencing, and learning agility. Done correctly, equine assisted coaching is personalized, real-time leadership practice with immediate, visible, lasting results.

If you really want some ROI for your training dollar, along with a rich, unforgettable, fun experience, make a horse and a qualified equine assisted coach part of your leadership development plan.