The 3 E's of Learning and Leadership

Best practices for leadership development include using "the 3 E's": Education (classroom/books), Exposure (coaching/mentoring, etc. ), and Experience (doing it). When it comes to emotional intelligence, this method doesn't tell the whole story. Responsibility, forgiveness, empathy and compassion are only learned via an emotional connection relationship, where we practice changing our responses in real-time with another being-adjusting as we go along for better results. If we up the ante and not use language to demand, explain, or justify, we deeply learn the presence and behaviors that have the relationship results we intend. Equine Assisted Coaching changes lives because horses instinctively recognize our capability, intention, and motivation-immediately and very visibly. We learn to adjust to achieve the relationship results we want. The results are powerful and lasting. Scientific proof that the best emotional intelligence teachers have four legs, long faces, and swishing tails. And--it's FUN! To build your EQ fast and permanently, get help from a horse and a qualified equine assisted executive coach. The results will last a lifetime.

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