Individual Contributor to Leader: Successful Transitions

Talent Management powerhouse DDI Inc. recently identified the transition from individual contributor to team leader as one of life's most stressful-landing on the "awake all night" continuum somewhere between personal illness and managing teenagers.  The top challenges new leaders face include shifting their mind-set from contributing themselves to getting things done through others, having the confidence and earning the right to lead, and translating strategy into action. Our newest workshop, Leadership Foundations: Confidence and Tools for Taking Charge, helps leaders specifically address these challenges. Participants build the confidence to establish themselves as leaders, gain self-awareness and presence to get things done through others, and develop communications skills and learning agility to delegate and move people from  planning to action.   I am so excited to offer this much-needed learning with the help of horses!  Trust me-they make it IMPACTFUL and FUN! See my Events/Offers page for more details.

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