Relationship at Last

After almost 4 years Echo and I are finally in a place of true relationship. When I go to see him, he comes to me and walks with me to the barn without a halter. During our walk I focus first on asking him how his day was and giving him love and comfort. Based on how we are feeling that day I decide what we will do together. Sometimes it is simply grooming, care for his wounds, sunblock for his nose and flyspray. Sometimes I stand in the field with him and talk with him or not while he grazes. And sometimes we ride. During rides I talk to him, sing to him (by the way I am a TERRIBLE singer), and enjoy his company more and more in the present without the constraint of thinking too much. Echo's demeanor and energy change when I am present. I ride lighter and he lifts his body and spririt with me. Our conversations are better and I make better decisions for us because he gets a vote, we collaborate, and he increasingly trusts me as his leader. Its amazing to me how much this sweet little gelding has taught me about relationship and life. I continue to grow and learn. What a journey. What a horse. I love my Echo.