The Journey

4 1/2 years ago a dream I never thought had a chance came true. Echo came into my life. So much love, so much joy, so much peace--giving birth to more beautiful dreams coming true. More than I imagined or ever dared to hope for. When I go to the pasture every day I am in awe and wonder that I have this beautiful horse in my life.

Echo has brought such joy to my heart and soul-- I cannot describe the depth of our relationship. Only that Echo draws me to him and refills my cup in his inimitable loving, straightforward and beautiful way. I take seriously the work he has given to me to bring "horse wisdom" to the world one person at a time. Starting with me.

Horses are magical, beautiful, majestic, and mysterious. They bring us grace and connect us to our best and highest selves. We are the ones honored to have horses in our lives. Many that have horses know this.😁.

Thank you to all who have shared our journey this year, especially those who care for my Echo and all horses. With gratitude and joy I say farewell to 2018. I release all that does not serve my best good from my heart and mind as we turn toward the future.

Echo and I bring openness and optimism to 2019, with the journey only known to Life itself.

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The future beckons...stay tuned!