Charisma with Horsepower

In her book "The Charisma Myth" Olivia Fox Cabane shares ways to develop personal magnetism, which helps us influence and inspire others. Charismatic leaders consistently demonstrate three essential elements: presence, power and warmth. Horses can help us with all three. 

Presence means giving someone your undivided attention. Horses teach us to be present because if we stop being present, horses will take over leadership. 

Power, expressed by how others react to someone-is mostly through body language. Horses teach us the importance of congruency in our words and body. If our body language is saying something different than our words, they reflect the body language. 

 Warmth is characterized by goodwill and compassion towards others. Horses help us recognize personal space and  learn to demonstrate gratitude and compassion. They follow leaders who reflect warmth. 

Charisma is not something we do. It is something we are. In my experience, coaching clients to build increased presence, power and warmth is exponentially faster and easier with the help of horses. 

Want to develop your personal charisma? Let a horse coach help you unbridle your potential in a most unforgettable way! #coaching   #leadershipdevelopment