Ignite your potential quickly, efficiently, and permanantly, in a fun and unique setting.  Best of all, take it back with you--and be amazed at the results! Our practices are scientifically proven to work better and faster than traditional coaching or leadership development.

Build Self Awareness

Customized coaching and learning can include assessment tools or "360" feedback to get objective, clear information about your opportunities and challenges. We optimize your authentic style and strengths and ensure that your insights transfer to more effective behavior-both on the job and in your life. 

Communicate Effectively

We combine practical skill-building with personal growth to ignite creativity, increase clarity, and jump-start engagement.  Leaders report life-changing  communication skill building that improves all aspects of their lives.     

Influence Others

Ignite engagement,  increase synergy, and jump-start innovation for more productive, cohesive organizations and teams.  Learn powerful, impactful, and lasting relational skills by practicing in unique and memorable ways. The learning is transformational for each individual as well as teams.  

Increase Learning Agility

The best leaders can recognize and respond to both facts and emotions simultaneously. We help leaders learn to recognize and leverage both business and human strengths and opportunities in real-time, and as a result, leaders innovate, navigate, and lead change better and faster. 

Inspirationally Speaking...

Cindy is a dynamic, inspirational, and fun speaker for leadership retreats, association meetings, annual conferences, and more. Key topics include:

  • Everything I Learned about Leadership I Learned From My Horse
  • Boundaries & Connections-The New Rules
  • Ignite Your Potential-Head & Heart Based Leadership

Cindy shares funny, amazing stories of transformational leadership, along with key wisdom and insight. The content is instantly applicable!  If you are seeking an engaging, inspiring, entertaining speaker for your event, contact us for more information.