“If we know who we are, know where we're going, and go there with a spirit of human service, the entire journey becomes far less daunting and far more fulfilling."  --Howard Behar

Do you and those you lead have a clear-eyed view of what you stand for, and how you lead? Do you seek out and use honest feedback about your leadership style, consistency, and effectiveness from the people who know you best? We all need these truth-tellers who lay it on the line for us.

In addition to your usual feedback methods, try asking a horse.  Horses provide clear, non-judgmental, objective feedback on how we lead.  

It takes great courage to get feedback, act on what it tells us about our thoughts, emotions and behavior,  and then ensure our actions match our intentions.

 For visible impact and the highest possible ROI try an equine assisted coaching session with a qualified EAC executive coach.  

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