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"I had a great session with Cindy and Rex (the horse)! I didn't know what to expect going into the session, but there's something remarkable about actually FEELING Rex's reaction to the behavior I was working to change and his response when I shifted my approach and mentality. Cindy's insightful observations and debriefing, Rex's unfiltered response to my intentions, and simply the act of being pushed outside of my comfort zone helped me identify the behaviors I can adjust and the feeling of making the shift!"

--Cristi Burrell, US Venture, Appleton, WI

"I have been working with Cindy for the past 2 months. I find her to be generous, thoughtful, intuitive and practical at the same time. I've been getting what I ask for at every single session. Cindy is a great listener and helps me make connections where I cannot see them. She is terrific at self managing but does not shy away from sharing her experience when appropriate. I am also inspired by Cindy's professional trajectory and role modeling what pursuing your dreams look like."

--Marketing Executive, McKinsey & Company

"Cindy is extremely easy to talk with which makes it effortless to open up to her. She really helped me organize and focus my thoughts, as well as establish boundaries for myself. I run a non profit and my own business as well as being a personal trainer, wife and mom so those above mentioned things are needed. I look forward to another meeting with her and also doing some work with the horses!!"

--Kim Galske,  Executive Director & CEO Fond du Lac Wisconsin


Cindy was fantastic to work with. Her professionalism and expertise blew us away! Looking forward to working with Cindy in the future.”

--Training and Development Manager, Green Bay Wisconsin


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