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"Cindy gave me wonderful insights on how my manner of being with Echo could be translated to other parts of my life. I am very delighted with the progress I am making and look forward to each visit. Cindy is exceptional and clearly loves her work. Building Leadership is her gift and passion.  I recommend Cindy Warner to anyone seeking more self awareness, confidence, and leadership development." 

-Valerie Graczyk, Business Owner


"I find Cindy to be thoughtful, intuitive, and practical at the same time.  I am getting what I ask for at every single session.  Cindy is a great listener and makes connections where I cannot see them."

-McKensey & Company Marketing Executive  

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“Cindy is extremely easy to talk to which makes it effortless to open up to her. She really helped me focus and organize my thoughts. I run a non-profit, and my own business as well as being a personal trainer, wife, and mom, so the above things are needed. I look forward to another meeting with her.”

-Kim Galske, Executive Director and CEO